Best Apps for Small Business

Operating a small business is not at all an easy task. There are expenses to keep track on, meetings to attend, and a number of network contacts to manage. Small business owners usually do a number of different duties on a day to day running of the business. Luckily, there are ways to make these tasks easier and the smartphone is an ideal gadget to take care of these duties.

CamCard Lite

CamCard Lite is a free version of the highly rated CamCard application that allows one to share and save business cards in one location. Business cards are captured by the phone camera and the contact information is saved in the cellphone address book and are easily accessible, making it simple to sort out and find the correct contact for your business needs. CamCard Lite version enables users to capture 10 cards in the first week and 2 cards per week thereafter. For heavy networkers who collect numerous business cards per week, there is a full upgrade version to buy and use with no limitations.

Google Voice

Google Voice has changed the way people use and manage their communications. With a single Google Voice number, you can forward your calls to all your numbers including your mobile phone, land line as well as your business office telephone. Voice messages are transcribed and then sent through email or text. The service additionally gives you a chance to make free calls and text messages within your country both from your cellphone and your computer. However, International calls are substantially less expensive than the local counterparts.

The Barcode Scanner

Although a Barcode Scanner is not exactly a business application, it enables you to scan product barcodes and QR codes quickly. Using QR codes, you can save contact data, text messages, URLs, and calendar events, and also show the information on a map. You can as well make your own QR codes and share with your friends who can scan them directly from their phones.


Have you at any time been out in meeting with a customer just to find that your internet connection was poor or non-existent? PDANet proves to be useful during these circumstances. This application very important as it allows you to share the internet connection from your mobile phone with your PC without having root access on your cellphone. Your connection speed will be the same to that of your cellphone.


This essential application transforms your mobile phone into a document scanner. Capture the whiteboard notes and save business expense receipts in your office to make them easy to refer. CamScanner enables you to scan multipage documents and then do batch processing. The scanned documents are converted to PDF format and can easily be shared via third party services like Google Docs or Dropbox.

Astro File Manager

This application is a multipurpose tool that allows you to manage all your files on your android phone. It enables you to move, copy, rename, send and delete file attachments easily on your email. You can as well extract zipped or tarred file using this app. This app also monitors your memory and CPU usage, to enable you to see the running processes and allows you to back up your files and other applications to a memory card.

There are numerous free applications available for the Android users that have been created to make work easier for any individual who manages or operates a small scale business.

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