Improving Your Online Marketing Campaign

You should always seek ways to improve your online marketing campaign. There are no perfectly set online marketing campaigns, so there will always be something in your promotional efforts that you can fix or improve upon. If you want your current campaign to perform better than it is presently capable of, consider the following useful tips:

Focus Social Media Efforts

Social media is usually at the frontlines of any online marketing campaign. Most businesses focus on as many social media platforms as possible to expand their reach. However, doing so exhausts financial and personnel resources. Therefore, it’s much more cost effective and less time consuming to focus on social media channels that might benefit your business the most. For example, if your business sells retail fashion items, you can get better returns by focusing your efforts on a platform like Instagram, instead of a channel like Tumblr. Facebook and Twitter are largely necessary for all businesses so keep these two. However, research which social media platforms will suit your company the best, and focus on becoming popular there.

Advertise on Mobile

If your team does not have an Australian app developer, it’s time to get one, because mobile platforms are the future of direct advertising. The web is largely going out of date as a platform for advertising. It’s not because there are less web users, of course, but mostly because users consume more on mobile platforms. When a user visits to a website on a personal computer, he or she does not want to see advertising. However, when a user browses the web on a mobile platform, they do not mind seeing advertising. Consumers largely search for products they want on mobiles, not desktops, so this is the opportunity marketers have been looking for to get advertisements directly into the hands of customers (quite literally). Your tiny website, too, should be ready to exploit this opportunity.

Reduce Automating

Auto posting on social media, blogs and other platforms is highly convenient and may save you from having to hire another marketing employee. However, your marketing campaign should not rely on automating posts alone. Of you do, it’s highly likely that you lose customers due to disinterest. Usually, automated posts are written about a month in advance, so they are oblivious to important changes that can happen as time progresses. If you write a Mother’s Day post weeks ahead in advance for an automated post, your may miss optimising it for trending or newsworthy elements. So, limit automating posts. The majority of your posts should be written within a day or two with due regard to relevant trending topics.

Try to Retain Customers

Instead of spending thousands of dollars to drive traffic to your site, most of which you would naturally lose, consider spending money on retaining customers. The customers that you should invest in are the ones that have already purchased from you, as they are the most likely ones to purchase from you again. You can retain these customers by offering special returning customer discounts, loyalty rewards and by keeping them engaged with email newsletters and social media. Do not take your current customers for granted; make them keep coming back for more.

Carefully read through the above suggestions, and see how you can incorporate them into your current marketing campaign. If you do, you will certainly boost your sales and brand appeal.

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