Modern digital marketing plan

Most marketers believe that traditional promotional techniques are going the way of the dinosaurs. Despite this notion, traditional forms of advertising, like print ads, are still around and in certain instances, thriving. A well-rounded modern digital marketing plan incorporates traditional advertising tactics along with online ones for the best effect. As peculiar as it may seem, read ahead to find out a number of traditional marketing techniques that will benefit a digital promotional strategy:

Try Cold Calling

Google ads will generate traffic to your website, but there’s no guarantee that this traffic will garner high conversion rates. If you want your business to grow and succeed, you need paying customers, not mere site visitors. A time-tested method to find paying customers is to try cold calling. It may sound like an unusual tactic to include in a digital marketing plan. Yet, it’s a tactic known to work. Any well know digital marketing agency, built their very first customer base just by cold calling.

Make Electronic Newsletters

In the past, newsletters were essential to any good marketing plan. They have largely gone out of style as snail mail use declined. However, that does not mean newsletters are any less effective. Instead of mailing your customers pieces of paper they will eventually throw away, email then an eye-catching newsletter on a monthly basis. Customers who receive e-newsletters are most likely to continue making purchases from that company. Do not forget to include discounts and seasonal offers in the e-mail newsletter.

Mail Special Offers

Snail mail is so out of use, many people are surprised to even receive a physical letter nowadays. As paper letters become rare, you can easily catch attention by sending a promotional letter. Do not send direct marketing pamphlets, people are easily turned off by these. Instead, send booklets or sophisticated brochures advertising seasonal sales or offering advice. Customers will pay attention to these special packages. Do not send them frequently, and send only once or twice a year. Do your best to make them distinct from direct marketing pamphlets, too.

Advertise on the Subway

Subway ads will not go out of business soon. Millions of people in transit get to see advertisements on the subway. So, if you want potential customers to be swayed by a print ad that seems more legitimate than an online ad, try advertising on public transport or billboards. They will, however, cost you a lot of money, and therefore are best suited for larger businesses.

Magazine Articles

Magazine articles are the print version of web content, but a lot more trustworthy and credible. Instead of publishing a print ad in a magazine, invest in getting a journalist to write about your business for their publication. Articles such as this can go viral if done correctly. Your company will appear a lot more legitimate if you have been covered by news media. For example, if you are a travel agency, you can offer a travel writer a free tour package in return for an article in a magazine that mentions your company’s name as the tour provider.

How you use the above tactics is up to your marketing team. In any case, a digital marketing strategy with one or two of the above mentioned techniques will be as twice as good as a one without.

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