Using Facebook Mobile Apps for Marketing

With over a billion users, Facebook is not only a great way to connect with friends and family (and even strangers); it is also a rich mine of opportunities for your company’s growth. This is precisely the reason why most organizations find it worthwhile to set up their own Facebook page.

However, the increasing movement towards mobile access means that using Facebook mobile apps for marketing is also increasingly becoming a necessity. As a marketer or a business owner, you are not expected to be in front of your desktop or laptop all the time. In fact, on many occasions, you only have your mobile phone with you. Is it possible to get some work done using only your phone? Certainly. In the case of Facebook, there is a huge selection of apps, both in-house and third party, that you can choose from, depending on the nature of the work you want to get done.

Chief among these, of course, is the Facebook mobile app. This app allows you to do the usual things you can do on the desktop version of the site, such as check notifications, send messages, and post updates. If you have paid ads, this mobile app also has the Ads Manager section, which gives you the capacity to adjust ads, set schedule for their publication and turn them on or off. To complement the Facebook mobile app, it is advisable that you install the Facebook Page app. This gives you a more customized mobile experience in managing your page while you are on the go. It allows you to post, like and share updates as your page profile. Similarly, it gives you access to page insights directly from your phone.

As it were, you can also make the most out of your Facebook marketing experience by installing the Facebook Messenger and Facebook Groups apps. The former allows you to make free calls and send money to a contact, while the latter allows you to check new activity on any of your groups, as well as manage and update any of them. Aside from native Facebook apps, there are also numerous other third party apps that provide you the capability to improve or enhance your page’s marketing potential. These apps range in function, including page design, poll creation, integration of various media files, customized promos, and more.

Here are a few apps to consider when using Facebook mobile apps for marketing:


When it comes to marketing on Facebook, sometimes the News Feed is not enough. With Tabfusion, you can create custom tabs on your own Facebook page. These tabs can host any kind of media file — from photos to videos, all the way to multimedia content, such as blogs. Tabs are particularly useful if you are sponsoring contests, reviews, or promos.

Polls for Facebook

Polls for Facebook are best in creating customized polls. These polls come in the form of either multiple choice entries or free form questions. Polls have been traditionally utilized in improving customer engagement and strengthening feedback mechanism.


If you like your Facebook page to stand out from the rest of the uniform-looking pages out there, then SOCI is going to be your best bet. With a wide selection of custom business page designs and cover images to choose from, SOCI gives you the free hand to set a distinct look and feel to your page.


When it comes to customer engagement, there’s nothing better than quick and real-time response. This is where LiveChat comes in. This app is best for creating interactive communication through live feedback and support, directly from your Facebook page.


Integrating e-commerce capability into your phone becomes easier and more manageable with Ecwid. The better part is that it is also possible to use this shopping cart app on other sites, ensuring uniformity of system.


One of the sure-fire methods of rousing interest in your page is by conducting contests and promos. EazyContest is helpful in creating and designing custom banners, buttons and entry forms. Custom menu tabs can also be made using this app.

With the sheer breadth of its users and its expansive reach, Facebook is indeed a great marketing platform. With the use of the apps enumerated above, marketing on Facebook becomes easier, more effective, and more responsive.


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