Cybersecurity for Your Startup

Every computer is a target for hackers nowadays, regardless of whether it owned by an individual or a business. Therefore, the threat has increased cybersecurity awareness globally and the need to have professional measures put in place to protect systems from damage and loss or theft of data, software, and hardware. The following are a few cybersecurity measures for your startup business:

  1. File Sharing Cyber Threats

Sharing files between different computers is the most common type of transferring malware infected files. This is normally done via USB. Sharing forwarded email messages or pictures (as attachments) is another cause for malware (viruses) spreading into the business’ computers. Any business owner should install an internet security (anti-virus) which scan emails for malicious links and attachments and as well scan USBs as soon as they are plugged into a USB port…

  1. Autoresponder Hacked

Most entrepreneurs who do online marketing for their startup businesses use autoresponders to send a series of emails to prospects with an objective to convert them to customers. Cybercriminals use cyber threats techniques like phishing to infect computers with spyware or keyloggers so as to steal usernames and passwords of autoresponders. They send spam emails to everybody on the email list. That is why every internet marketer should start by securing their devices with web security or endpoint security in a network and server environment.

  1. Social Engineering Warning

Social engineering is one of the traps used by cybercriminals to lure people to share their usernames and passwords. Sometimes, social engineering tricks are used together with phishing so that the victim can’t easily detect this cyber threat. Most business owners are usually targeted with emails (featuring bank logos and colors) to trick them into sharing their online banking details. Always take caution of emails that claim to be coming from your bank and asking for your bank details.

  1. Anti-Theft Technology

You can use Anti-theft technology to protect, track or even recover both your devices and information on the stolen or lost devices. You can use this technology on your desktop (or laptop) and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Anti-theft tech comes as a program which you can install on your computer. For the mobile users, Anti-theft tech comes an app. It can also come with your hardware or software pre-installed on some notebook devices. Entrepreneurs who are either not aware of this technology or rather are aware but don’t invest in it, get a hard time when their devices are stolen from their business premises. All business owners need to consider the value of the business data lost when a device either get lost or stolen and how dangerous it can be when business data gets into the wrong hands with a lost device. For this reason, Anti-theft tech comes with a tool that can remotely erase your business data from lost or stolen devices…

Cybersecurity specialists can also help you protect systems. Professional companies know various systems and equipment used by the clients. Hiring an IT security provider can offer your startup business great services like remote IT support solutions at a reasonable price. They can do a thorough search to any IT threats, such as viruses, then provide measures to avoid another unfortunate situation.


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