Simple Ways To Find an Investor For Your Business

If you intend to start up a new business or expand an existing one, your biggest worry might be “how to find investors for your business?”  But, right before you start searching for financial investors, make a point of having your business plan in hand to share with the investors and clearly know the amount of funding required.

If you want to find yourself an investor for your business, here are a couple of ways you can consider.

Crowdfunding Sites

Crowdfunding sites are common and you will find various types of investors on these sites. The only secret to your success is that your business idea needs to be appealing enough attract attention. There are numerous Crowdfunding sites focusing on investing in various industries like art, science, technology, and startups.

You need to be as well good in social media while sending your funding request on these Crowdfunding sites. These sites are great platforms to reach out to a wide range of investors at a go.

Your City’s Business Community

You need to join regional startup groups on social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Attend events, connect with the members of the business community and meet different people, as many as you can.

Do not pitch for financial support only but also seek advice, and give suggestions when you can. When you discuss your struggles, you can connect easily with some entrepreneurs, founders, and tech community around you. Try to connect with people first. After you have built stronger relationships with the members of the Business Community, then you can look for their assistance to get investors for your business.

Accelerator Programs

You can also join accelerator programs if you don’t have enough time to build long-lasting relationships with business communities but still want to focus more on finding investors for your business. Accelerator programs are offered by seed funds, large established entities, and universities.

You will get many week or month long boots camps prepared by investors with the sole objective to fund businesses. In Accelerator programs, you might meet a lot of investors willing to offer your business a seed investment in return for equity.

Angel Networks

An Angel Investor will not only give you financial assistance but will also offer you guidance, mentorship, and give you access to their network of contacts.

To find an angel investor for your business, go for the directory listings in your region. There are many Angel investors groups in cities like Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane who are ready to encourage new business opportunities in these cities.

Ask Your Industry Friends

You may also ask the pioneers in your industry about potential investors to your business. It is possible that they might as well have received financial assistance from some investors and would be willing to introduce you to them.

Different investors specialize investing in a various industries such as retail, mobile app development, biotech, and others. These investors interact with other businesses/entrepreneurs through their networks. Take time to do your research about the investors who specialize on your field and try to get an introduction.

Sometimes, finding investors for your business can be very disturbing. However, the above 5 ways offer perfect strategies to discover a solution to your financing problem.



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