Advertising for startups with small budgets

If you are running a small business or start-up and you are looking to advertise and build your brand, it isn’t the simple task that many people think that it is. It isn’t just a case of taking the money and spending it on television or radio advertising. Yes, these are options, but for most small businesses the budget simply is not there for these traditional solutions. Growing from the bottom up requires a lot of thought and a strategic mind – but it can be done. So, if this is a situation that you find yourself in, with a tight budget and the need to grow your brand, here are a few alternative solutions that you might want to think about.

Banners work

Traditional media, which are things like television, radio and print media are notoriously expensive. There are reasons for their pricing, not least of which is the fact that they tend to have a large reach and a well-developed audience. So, in thinking outside the box, one of the avenues that have seen a great rise in popularity in recent times is banners. Broadly speaking this is classed as outdoor advertising, although it is not always outdoor. We are talking signage on roadsides, posters at urinals, a media wall display in a shopping centre. The range of places where these banners can be displayed is varied. Look to strike close to where it matters most. In other words, if you have premises in a mall then look to erect something close by. Banners are a call to action, and they need to be well placed in order to be effective.

Digital for the win

Digital has risen significantly in popularity in the last decade and it is now at a point where approximately forty percent of all advertising spend globally is spent on digital channels. The great thing about digital is that it is very measurable and easy to track. And even better, it is possible to implement campaigns that are based on conversions or success. These cost per click or cost per acquisition type advertising campaigns can deliver good results, especially if you are running an online business.

Social Media

The traditional advertising model was based on publishers developing an audience and then charging brands to speak to that audience. With the rise of social media, the model has changed somewhat as brands now like to develop their own audience on channels like Facebook and Twitter. This is an activity that your start-up needs to begin as soon as you launch. Look to incentivise followers by offering them prizes or some sort of return. But get them to like your page or follow you so that you can stay in constant contact with your followers or clients.

Get involved with the community

Small businesses are always rooted in the community in which they are based. You need to make sure that those roots are as strong as possible. Get involved with the local schools or churches. Sponsor sports teams or offer prizes at local carnivals. Whatever it is that you chose to do, try your hardest to support the community that you want to support you. You will reap the benefit.



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