Classic Digital Advertising for Small Business

Remember when people clicked on garish banners on websites? Eye-catching and visually head-turning graphics are still in vogue. There are some digital advertising techniques that never go out of style. These tactics might slightly change to accommodate new rules or technological advances, but they remain relatively the same. Here is a list of such evergreen ad tactics your contemporary campaign can still very much use:

Social Media Word-of-Mouth Promotions

Word-of-mouth advertising is a technique that doesn’t seem to go out of style no matter what. It is still possibly the most effective advertising technique. Unlike in the past, where the word actually spread by the mouth, these days the words are spread all over social media. Advertisers used to promote heftily on social media to get customers to mention brands, thus boosting word of mouth. This is still highly relevant and effective. While brand mentioning may get toned down, it still gets mentioned in most types of user-generated content.

Mailing List Perks and Offers

Mailing lists are still relevant, of course. A host of email marketing services still exists for a reason. Mailing lists are great drivers of customer engagement, traffic, and also conversions in some regards. Therefore, this time honoured digital advertising technique should be part of your brand’s promotional arsenal. Use the mailing list to send customer personalised messages. These lists are also great for sending VIP promotions that generate high conversion rates. Build up a great mailing list and your business advertising plan would rarely falter.

Keyword SEO

Search engine optimisation may be heading towards fancy territory like linkless SEO or voice search optimisation, but one thing remains as stellar as always: the keywords. While search engine algorithms have long discouraged keyword stuffing, using relevant keywords is still crucial for effective SEO. But the art has slightly changed over the years. The keywords being used must be highly relevant. This is not just ht relevance to the industry, but the keyword in use must be relevant to the topic of the content. This semantic matching is prompted by recent updates to the Google search engine. In addition, using one or two keywords is enough for modern SEO purposes. So, learn to properly research keywords and ace digital advertising.

Creating Content with Compelling Headlines

Remember clickbait? It was a classic ad technique until at least last year. Since Facebook removed clickbait from Newsfeeds and Google emphasized quality and factual content, clickbait is in the slow decline mode. However, that doesn’t mean a good headline is no longer important for driving traffic. If you want an article or a video clicked on, accompany it with an attention-grabbing headline. As long as you don’t make the compelling headlines misleading, you will be able to get a good number of clicks.

Driving Traffic with Viral Videos

Viral videos are still very much in style, thank you very much. If you want high volumes of traffic flooding a product page, then create a video with high viral potential. There’s no guarantee that it will go viral, but there’s no harm in trying. Your digital advertising business plan should include a good amount set aside for creating potentially viral videos.

Other relevant classic techniques include questions and answer sessions that continue to generate views on sites like Quora. If your ad campaign is running out of new ideas, don’t hesitate to resort to any one of the above.

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