Never Overlook When Building a Business Website

Content management systems like Wix, Weebly and Squarespace make it unbelievably easy to design a business website. You don’t even have to type in code anymore; designing your dream e-commerce store can be as easy as dragging and dropping components onto a web template. This ease, however, can make certain e-commerce site owners overlook important aspects of a web design. Remember, just having a website is not sufficient to make your online business a success. How your website is designed and developed also matters. Therefore, here are several important aspects that business web designers should never ignore:

Mobile Compatibility Matters More than You Think

When you design any website, you probably will not think too much beyond making your site highly compatible among various types of browsers and operating systems. However, there’s another compatibility issue that you should pay attention to: smartphones. Did you know that many consumers now do their pre-purchase research on mobile devices? That’s right; if your site is not mobile compatible, you are losing customers. The future of your site is not just on the web, but also on smartphones as well. Therefore, invest in designing an app for your site as well by contacting regional developers such as Australian android developers, for example.

Your SEO Ranking Can Depend on Reviews

Most web designers think customer reviews are a tool to help push sales. The most important function of customer reviews and testimonials boils down to credibility. If the products you sell online are reviews somewhere, then new customers know that your site is not a sham. Just like customers, search engines, too, consider customer reviews as indicative of a legitimate business. Therefore, if you post customer reviews, testimonials or comments on your website, your SEO rankings will improve. However, it’s important to keep these reviews genuine. If you post fake reviews, you run the risk of someone figuring them out, and thus ruining whatever real credibility your site may have built.

Don’t Show Social Media Buttons Pre-Installed in the Template

It’s common for builders of business sites to include social media buttons on top and bottom of the homepage. Social media is necessary to make your online business well known. However, if your site and social media profiles are new, you could be hurting rather than improving your business website. If your Facebook profile only has a handful of posts and less than a hundred fans, your site will look new and dubious to a potential customer. Until you have built up your social media profiles, leave the buttons out of your site, or at least limit use to the bottom of the homepage.


You must occasionally test how fast your website loads, especially after you have altered the layout. When you first build your business website, it will probably load just fine. However, as the site gets older and you add and remove features, it’s possible for your site to get cluttered without you noticing it. That’s why it’s important to test the speed and make sure you site’s loading time is no more than a couple of seconds.

In a nutshell, pay attention to how compatible your site is across platforms, whether it loads fast, and whether it appears credible to a potential customer. It’s important to spend as much time and effort in making sure of these three aspects as you would incorporate SEO.

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