Branding Tips For Small Business

Branding isn’t simply the domain of large corporations with big marketing budgets. Small businesses can benefit from a coherent strategy that imprints their business’s message firmly in the mind of their audience. It could be argued that branding is even more vital for small eCommerce websites in Australia, as there is so much competition that the one that can stand out will succeed.


The first, and most important, step is knowing what your brand and message is. Identify your market, where your business is positioned within it, and what your business goals are. Once these are in place, it is easier to measure success and achievement, as well as recognise areas for improvement.


It will help your customers understand your brand if your message is clear and precise from the beginning. You need to explain why your product is for them and how it will fit in their life. Simply listing the features won’t get the job done. This is where the storytelling aspects of branding come into play. Your message has to appeal to a need they may not know they have yet, and from there your product must meet the need and solve the problem.

Consistency is a key element when creating your message and developing your brand. A successful brand will be recognised without requiring every element of the strategy to be presented. Brands like Jim’s Mowing, Woolworths, Commonwealth Bank, and many others, can use just a small part of their design to draw attention and instant recognition. This is important for platforms where a complete branding experience is not possible.


Taking your brand to the world in the digital era opens up a whole range of options beyond the classics or print, radio and TV. The big one is social media, where it can cost nothing to put your brand and message in front of a large audience. The big four of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram offer distinct ways to distribute your marketing collateral in fun, innovative, and penetrative ways.


Just because your business is small doesn’t mean your brand has to be. Digital media requires less investment than print, television, or radio advertising, which means your brand can go big on a campaign, even on a modest budget. Casting your net far and wide will draw from a wider pool, helping your small business attract customers to your niche from further afield and fuel your growth and expansion.

News Reporter