Technology taking over everywhere

It wasn’t long ago that computer programmes were and the personal computer were hardly anywhere to be found. Less than twenty years ago we were still handwriting letters and manually performing hundreds of tasks on a daily basis that have now been taken over by computers, applications and one form of technology or another. Now there is a whole generation of children growing up who take these products for granted, many of whom will probably grow up to code and write more of these types of programmes and platforms. We thought it would be fun to take a quick breather and assess just where and how computer programmes and technology are taking over our lives. Here are some tangible examples.


The work place

Almost every work place, no matter how labour intense, now makes use of technology. And we are not just talking robotic assembly lines and such-like, we are talking about desk-top solutions to all sorts of everyday needs. No matter what your career choice is you will probably have a laptop and something specialized to your industry – be it an accounting software package, computer aided design software, marketing project management software or desktop publishing tools, there is an online solution for almost everybody. But speak to some of the older people in your profession, those closer to retirement age, and they will almost certainly tell you that when they started their careers it was all done by hand without any computer assistance.

At home

Running a house is getting easier and easier thanks to fancy technology that is all computer run. From things like burglar alarms to more modern integrated household management systems like Alexa, it is becoming increasingly easy to run your house without actually being at home. With a lot of these solutions being voice activated and controlled it is also proving increasingly simple for non-tech savvy people to operate the technology.

The rule of the phone

You can’t really talk about major strides forward in the technology space without mentioning the rise and rise of the mobile phone. Less than 30 years ago a phone was a device that was attached to a wall and which sat on a desk or a convenient place in your house. Now it is a camera, a remote control for the TV, a recording device, a games platform, a place to browse the internet and a GPS device. And that is just listing the things you can do from the main screen, delve a little further into the device and you will discover even greater power and influence.

Blockchain and Crypto

The last couple of years have seen some very smart people come up with some very clever products that have the potential to reshape the world in which we live. At the moment there are lots of establishment sceptics who think that crypto-currency will not last, but there are also plenty of idealists or visionaries who think it is the way of the future. Whatever your take on cryptos and the technology behind it, one thing is for sure, it is another example of technology disrupting traditional banking and financial models and potentially shaping up to have a major impact over the next few years.

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